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Renovations are, by nature, more complex than building from scratch. Dealing with a pre-existing structure means that there is high potential for unexpected issues to arise. For the best outcome, you need a tight professional team who are practiced in foreseeing and responding well to any quirks that may arise throughout the renovation.

We at Clegg Builders Limited (CBL) offer a team of tradespeople who are experienced in working together. As renovation specialists, we use systems and processes that are best practice for renovations.

Customer Service

Renovations should not be traumatic. But a lack of good communication coupled with bad project management can make renovating a harrowing experience.

Because we specialise in renovations, our processes and systems have been tested and proven successful. We are practiced in managing good communication with our clients, as well as knowing how to best support our team of specialist builders and sub-traders so that your renovation is completed to the highest standard, with no reason for you to pull your hair out!

Our Process

We understand that it is important for you to have a clear idea of what you are paying for and how long the project will take.

Based on architectural plans and specifications, we will give you a full quote for your project, with costs divided between labour and materials. We will devise a timeline for the completion of the project and before building commences, we will confirm that you are happy with both the quote and the project timeline.

Throughout the building process we will keep you updated on how your renovations are going.


One of the aspects of renovations that makes them different from building a new home is that there are always some things that cannot be determined until the project commences. For example, the condition of existing framing, wiring and plumbing are difficult to properly establish before the lining is removed. Such uncertainties are just a reality of working with pre-existing structures.

Our familiarity with the renovating process means that we can approach such uncertainties with cost effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism. On our quotes, we clearly identify any variations and discuss with you the potential implications of these and options for dealing with them.

This ensures that no costs are hidden from you, and that you feel comfortable and confident before the project commences.

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