FirstBuild Homes Limited

FirstBuild are the leaders in Modular Homes in New Zealand

For too long the way we have constructed houses in New Zealand has been inefficient in terms of time, cost and materials. New Zealanders have built homes the same way for 150 years. Time, technology and your expectations have stepped up and moved on.

Technology and building standards have changed to a point where traditional building methods no longer keep up with the requirements of customers and the building code.

FirstBuild Modular Homes was started by an industry experienced team who believed that there is a better way to do things. Young Kiwi’s are going to find it hard, if not impossible, to own their own home. That’s not good enough and FirstBuild want to change this.

“With over 100 years of collective experience in the building industry, we think differently and build with innovative design and construction methods. At the same time, we build with traditional materials sourced from local suppliers.”
After years of research, development and construction, FirstBuild has come to the market with a methodology of building homes, that meets the New Zealand’s building code and exceeds the building standards required.

FirstBuild brings innovation to our designs by including a solar power system for every home to help heat your water. We build houses that are better for our environment with as little waste as possible.

FirstBuild are at the leading edge of how houses will be built in New Zealand in the future. We bring faster build times, more innovative designs and far better pricing to you our customer. FirstBuild is the obvious choice when considering a home for you and your family.


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