Four ways to prep your house for the best summer yet

The sun’s come out and days are getting longer, which means one thing – it’s nearly summer! Is your house ready to make the most of it? Read on for four ways to ensure your home’s next summer is your best yet…

Are you even Kiwi if you don’t have a deck?

For many New Zealanders, a deck is as patriotic as our beloved small, flightless bird. But have you checked your deck lately? What state is it in? Now’s a good time to have a builder make sure it’s in good nick in time for Christmas – the last thing you need is a bare foot going through rotten timber.

If you don’t have a deck, adding one is a great, relatively affordable, way to extend your living space into the outdoors, creating that covetable indoor/outdoor flow. You can also get your NZCB builder to create built-in furniture as part of the process – seating is an obvious choice, but you could also go further…

Take entertaining to the next level

The summer barbie is another Kiwi institution, which is why it’s not surprising that we’ve seen an increase in the number of outdoor kitchens over the past few years (thanks, The Block NZ). If you love to entertain over the summer months, an outdoor kitchen/dining space is a great idea. Not only does it save you from traipsing inside to your normal kitchen for prep (missing out on quality time with your guests as a result), but a well-designed outdoor kitchen will make the most of your exterior and add value to your home. Think about it – not everyone swims, but everyone eats.

You could start by getting your NZCB builder to create seating and modular units for outdoor kitchen equipment, such as your barbecue, then add more appliances and other features, such as counters and islands, later on. You could also go one step further and build shelter to create an all-weather space, so you can continue creating those delicious roast lambs all year round.

Speaking of shelter…

New Zealand summers can mean sunburn if you’re not careful, but thankfully your NZCB builder can help with that, too. While we’re not promising they’ll come over and slather you in sunscreen, they can help with building shade in your garden, so you have some respite from the heat.

There are a wide range of built shade options, depending on your needs and space, so your best bet is to contact a builder for a measure, quote and expert advice.

Check your ventilation

Now is the best time to check your home ventilation and cooling, as it is key to comfortable summer months. Whether you opt for a fully ducted system, or you’re just checking that all your doors and windows actually open properly, air circulation is an important part of surviving the summer months.

Your NZCB builder can help recommend the best options to meet your needs, taking into account energy and cost savings. If your home is on piles, you could also get your builder to check and fix any ground ventilation issues (i.e., is there crawl space and access for tradies?) at the same time.

And, lastly…

If in doubt, your NZCB builder is an expert! Find a local NZCB builder who can help with your renovation. They have a wealth of knowledge and know all the latest building techniques, so, if you’re struggling, ask them for ideas.

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