CS Cavity Sliders

The Cavity Slider Experts

CS Cavity Sliders has been designing and engineering cavity sliding door systems for over 30 years. They are passionate about their products and believe in the benefits they offer you. Because their focus is on cavity sliders, they get it right: smooth running, trouble free and packed with features.

Kiwi Innovation

CS Cavity Sliders is a family owned business that began in Auckland in 1986, founded on the idea that they could design and manufacture a cavity slider door system far superior to any other product available. The belief that they can innovate world leading door solutions remains their core philosophy and mission to this day.

CS Cavity Sliders

NZ’s biggest range of cavity sliders, with specialised and customised solutions.

CS Track Systems

Track and carriage systems for surface sliding doors.

CS CaviLock

Sliding Door Hardware with a complete range of finishes and configurations.

CS AutoCav

Cavity Slider Automation for commercial or residential applications.