Enveloped are proud National Partners of New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB). Enveloped has already worked with a large number of NZCB on their projects throughout New Zealand and we look forward to working with more!

Enveloped import and distribute building materials to help make New Zealand homes more energy efficient and healthier, and provide cost-effective alternatives. With warehousing in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as direct importing full containers to other Ports like Tauranga and Dunedin, we cover the whole country.

Our two main product categories are insulation and window and door joinery.

Enveloped exclusively represents Neuffer windows & doors in Germany. Neuffer have been manufacturing and distributing window joinery for over 150 years, and export around the world. Windows and doors are one of the primary areas of a home’s heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Therefore, installing high-quality, high-performance windows and doors is critical to the thermal performance of a home. Enveloped has supplied these windows to numerous projects throughout New Zealand and now you can experience the exceptional quality and performance that is synonymous with ‘Made in Germany’. Key features of Neuffer are as follows:

  • 150 years of German craftsmanship and quality, supported with modern technology and automation.
  • Market leading thermal performance. All profiles are compliant with the latest changes to the building code; many profiles are suitable for high performance homes like Certified Passive Houses.
  • Premium aesthetics, with an attractive and modern look. Modern alternatives to steel joinery.
  • Unparalleled choice and range. With access to a vast range from Europe, there are thousands of choices when its comes to profiles, glazing, colours, varnishes, handles from budget projects through to the most premium.
  • Many glass formats available to optimise the “g” values and manage solar gain to reduce overheating.
  • Added functionality. European ’tilt and turn’ style window openings & premium sliding doors.
  • Superior seals, airtightness and acoustic performance.
  • Enhanced security with multi-lock points and stamped toughened safety glass as required.
  • Extensive showroom in Silverdale, Auckland.

Enveloped also imports and distributes a wide range of insulation products such as glasswool, Rockwool® and PIR panels.

Enveloped has developed a highly cost-effective glasswool insulation called “Eliment®”. Eliment® is CodeMark certified, has a 70 year Warranty, and is an easy substitution on site which can often save you money. Eliment® and is available to order from any ITM and PlaceMakers, and is installed by a wide range of professional installers around most of the country.  For more information visit www.elimentinsulation.co.nz

Rockwool® is considered a premium solution for acoustics and fire, and is commonly used on commercial applications. For more information visit www.rock-wool.co.nz

Enveloped import and stock PIRMAX® insulation panels, which are a high performance PIR insulation solution. PIRMAX® has incredibly high R-values, such as R4.5 in just 90mm, and carries some impressive green credentials such as RedListFree Declare Certification and GreenTag Level A. PIRMAX® can also be a cost-effective substitution for other similar products, and can be used in a wide range of applications in both commercial and residential projects. For more information visit www.pirmax.co.nz

We’re passionate about building better in New Zealand, through either supplying more advanced building materials, or just providing better value for money so the budget can stretch further. Feel free to talk to the team at Enveloped today.