GCH Aviation

Aerial access solutions

GCH Aviation is synonymous with aviation in New Zealand and has been providing helicopter services to a diverse range of clients for the last 30+ years. GCH Aviation is a leader in the provision of a wide range of safe, effective, and cost-efficient commercial applications using a helicopter.  

We can provide a unique aerial access solution to a wide variety of difficult-to-access sites. We can lift heavy items and construction materials up to 1,000kg*.  Over many years we have carefully acquired a team of pilots with diverse experience, backgrounds, and impeccable safety records, giving our clients the assurance that specific tasks will be completed with ease, precision, and the utmost safety.

Where to find us

GCH Aviation Coastwide 

Servicing the West Coast Region of the South Island

[email protected]
03 762 6117

Wellington Helicopters

Servicing the Wellington Region and the Lower North Island

04 472 1550

Garden City Helicopters

Servicing the Canterbury Region

03 358 4360

GCH Aviation Nelson

Servicing the Nelson and Marlborough Regions

03 547 4360

Kaikoura Helicopters

Servicing the north-east coast of the South Island

03 319 6609