Gerard Roofs

Our roofs have strong foundations.

It was the first steel roofing tile in the world – invented in 1957, right here in New Zealand. Light-weight, durable and quick to install, Lou Fisher’s innovative roof system would soon become known as Gerard Roofs… and an international success story.

Particularly resilient, even in extreme climate and weather conditions, the product quickly drew the attention of customers overseas. Demand soared, and Gerard’s pressed steel roofing is now used in 127 countries around the world, from Argentina to Zambia. The company now operates plants on three continents, although New Zealand is still very much our home.

These days, after over half a century of global operations, Gerard Roofs is owned by IKO, a global leader in the roofing industry. IKO shares the same ideals that we have upheld for decades – ideals of ongoing innovation and relentless attention to quality products and service. Ideals that will ensure Gerard’s success for many more decades to come.