Tax Management NZ

Did you know you can make your tax payments match your business cashflow?
Paying through TMNZ means you can get more flexibility over your tax payments.

As New Zealand’s leading tax pooling provider, TMNZ offers an innovative service that is completely IRD-approved and used by thousands of New Zealand businesses since 2003.

How TMNZ can help

Tax pooling with TMNZ means you can pay income tax at a time or in a manner that
suits you, at a much lower interest cost than what IRD charges for unpaid tax and without
incurring late payment penalties.

If you find you have provisional or terminal tax owing and are low on funds (or have a
better or urgent use for it), you can use tax pooling to either chip away at what you owe in
instalments and/or pay the full amount later – all while avoiding IRD’s interest and late
payment penalty regime.

Can I trust this?

TMNZ is a registered with IRD and operate under legislation set out in the Income Tax Act 2007 (sections RP17-RP21 and OB and OP) and Tax Administration Act 1994 (sections 15O-15T and 120OE).

Guardian Trust oversees all payments held in TMNZ’s tax pool account and the bank
accounts into which payments are made. At no stage do we have access to your

Who else uses tax pooling?

Tax pooling is used by New Zealand’s largest taxpayers, accounting firms and thousands
of small- and medium-sized businesses. Our close and long-standing relationship with IRD
means our clients are in the best of hands. TMNZ has helped over 50,000 taxpayers with their provisional tax payments.

Want to find out more?
Visit our website or contact the team on 0800 829 888 or [email protected]