Residential Rapid Design and Pricing Platform now Available in New Zealand

After five years of development by the Donovan Group, a game-changing 3D visualization cloud-based software for residential building companies with real-time design and pricing is now available in New Zealand.

The Utecture platform enables residential designers, estimators, and salespeople to upload plans, trace over PDF, or design from scratch one and two-level residential houses. Users can make or modify plans, fixtures, and fittings in real-time. At the back end of the Utecture platform, preferred supplier pricing, products, and margins are loaded against each company (branch or franchise). This means price adjustments occur in real-time when plans are modified using the unique design tool. The Utecture design tool allows walls, roofs, fixtures, and fittings (including colours) to be modified in real-time, automatically calculating the price and developing 3D renders as the client looks on. In addition to giving potential home buyers a full set of high-quality images and plans of their new home, Utecture provides an accurate, up-to-date price in seconds. This significantly decreases the time it takes to design, modify, and price a house, meaning a much-shortened sales process as decisions can be made quickly and contracts entered into faster.

As well as residential building companies, the Utecture platform is finding significant interest from building merchants and suppliers that price materials back to building companies. Full-price books can be loaded into Utecture, allowing builders and estimators to quickly and accurately price take-offs. With the pricing loaded safely into the Utecture cloud and their client’s back-end, the merchant can is guaranteed that their pricing and products are preferentially selected. Also, Utecture can be used by the retail merchant pricing team to trace over PDF plans and provide an accurate and fast price back to their customer (builder). The fast turnaround combined with digital pricing accuracy greatly assists with increasing sales turnover, improving service and turnaround, and better margin accuracy.

Utecture is also an ideal platform for marketing and advertising for building suppliers and manufacturers. With a very defined user base (mostly made up of residential builders, estimators, and home buyers), the ability to directly target, market, and advertise alternative products (i.e., roofing, showers, and paints) is an unprecedented sales opportunity. Suppliers can target their products in real-time, as the house is designed and key product decisions are being made and priced.

Since bringing Utecture to market in late 2019, interest and uptake has been very strong. Utecture has already signed on significant Group Home Builders in both the New Zealand and Australian markets.