With house prices still on the rise, and Councils across the country working to speedily consent new homes, you may be considering buying a piece of land and building your next home. And who could blame you?

Building a house is a super-exciting proposition for anyone. But preparation is the key and that starts before you put an offer in on your dream section. Your NZCB builder is here to help, so find a local one. And keep reading so you know what to ask!

Richard Poff, of RTP Builders Limited in Christchurch, says the quality of the section is super-important.

“Is it TC1, TC2, TC3? This will affect the type of foundation and design required (and cost),” he says.

You should also check that all the boundary pegs are in place, as having your section re-surveyed could cost you up to $1,000.

Phil Claffey, of Character Building in Gisborne, also recommends checking if a geo-report has been done.

“Check that the section has all services as they should,” he says.

“If not, check with your local Council how you would get services to the section and get a quote on how much it would cost. And check for any easements on the section, too.”

Richard says that in addition to easements, you should check for covenants.

“Restrictions or covenants may put constraints on your intended design/use. And check any Resource Consents issued to surrounding properties that may restrain use. This can include things like drainage easements.”

Phil has some other recommendations while you’re looking at Council’s records. “Check flood or hazard overlays at your local Council, too. Not only that, but in Gisborne, our Council requires a HAIL Report to show there are no poisons/ toxins on the site, which costs $5,000.”

And once you have that all covered, you should talk to your builder about your design dreams, too! Richard has some key questions to ask yourself and your builder.

“Will the section be large enough for your proposed building(s)? Alternatively, will it be too big for the lifestyle you want?” he asks.

“Does it have good access to services, transport routes, etc? And what is the orientation to sun? Is there possible shading from neighbours – now or in the future?”

In short, before you put an offer in on that beautiful piece of the Kiwi dream, there are a few absolute essentials you should speak to your local NZCB Builder about first. Then you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision and get on with the rest of your building planning!

To find a nearby NZCB builder to help you with your section purchase, use the Find A Builder search function on www.nzcb.nz