Sustainability at NZCB

Whether you’re looking for a passive home or a smaller footprint, many NZCB members lead the way with sustainable practices and materials. Building for our future starts here.

Let's build for the future.

We recognise the increasing importance of sustainability in modern building.

The building and construction sector has an important role to play in helping solve environmental and climate related issues in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Whether it’s designing and building energy efficient homes, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the building process, or reducing the vast amounts of waste, our collective goal is to build greener and smarter.

Homeowners are demanding innovative and sustainable planning and construction practices in their building projects. Builders are looking for ways to integrate ecofriendly practices and efficiencies into their businesses. Together we’ll build sustainable businesses that can survive well into the future, and help to shape our communities.

At NZCB we provide information, education and tools to support builders and homeowners on their sustainability journeys. 

The next generation of NZCB Certified Plans will utilise sustainable building principles and materials, and the development of the construction site waste mitigation process that our members adopt on their projects, is a current workstream.

We’re using our voice to raise awareness of industry challenges and opportunities. We want to challenge the sector to do more.

Minimising your impact on the environment when building or renovating doesn’t have to be complex. Whether you’re looking for a passive home, an off-grid retreat, or an energy efficient oasis, our NZCB members are leading the way with sustainable practices and materials.


Sustainability articles from NZCB

Regardless of whether you’re building or renovating, there’s plenty you can do to reduce your home’s impact on the environment, which will most likely also reduce its impact on your bank account in the long run. 

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Tips, guides and resources

If you’d like to utilise more sustainable and efficient practices, we’ve collated a list of helpful resources to get you started on building for the future.

REBRI guides

REBRI guides for waste reduction in different aspects of construction and resource recovery.

REBRI checklists

Simple checklists to help keep your waste management system on track. Print them out or complete them online.

REBRI waste management plan

A simple plan to record what needs to be done to achieve the goals you have set for managing construction waste.

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