About NZCB

Not just anyone can build special. That’s why NZCB was created, to give homeowners peace of mind that they’re working with specialists.

New Zealand Certified Builders is a membership organisation set up by a group of trade qualified builders in 1998. These builders, led by Tauranga’s Craig Wilkinson, wanted to create a group that would protect homeowners from unqualified builders and unethical practices and promote excellence in building standards.

An industry leader, NZCB has an extensive membership of builders throughout New Zealand proudly carrying the NZCB stamp of approval. Each builder is trade qualified with a strong history of stability and success.

If you’re a New Zealand builder who’s passionate about providing superior workmanship and meets the NZCB membership criteria, welcome aboard. The first requirement is to hold a recognised trade qualification equivalent to or better than National Trade Certificate in Carpentry Level 4.

To ensure our high standards are maintained, we also take into account a builder’s history of stability and success, continued solvency, absence of complaints by customers and suppliers, a good untarnished reputation and brand, and consistently high standards.

NZCB operates in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The Association is governed by a National Board, consisting of 4 Member Directors including Chairperson, and up to 2 Additional Independent Directors. The Chief Executive attends all Board meetings as a non-voting participant. The policy of the Board is carried out by a management team lead by the CE and his staff.


Our team

Meet the team behind our specialist builders. No matter what you're building, we're here to support you.


Board of directors

Our savvy Board of Directors keep the association moving forward in the right direction.



We recognise the increasing importance of sustainability in modern building. Building for the future starts with us.


Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with national organisations to provide extra support for our members.


The History of NZCB

Started by a handful of passionate trade-qualified builders in 1998, New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) has seen significant changes over the years and has grown into an innovative, well-respected, modern and professional association. It's our members hard work, support and loyalty that has shaped us into the association we are today.


Designed to support the apprentice and the employer, the Apprentice Network provides specialist advice and practical benefits.


NZCB recognised a gap in the market and began offering the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee product to members and the public.


We launched Certified Plans - a suite of 32 architecturally designed plans that cater for a range of housing needs and can be built nationwide.


Our membership base grew to over 1,000 members, and the National Support Office increased to a team of 8 dedicated staff.


On February 23, 1998, Craig Wilkinson, NZCB Founder and 15 people signed the constitution and the Association was born.

Purpose, Vision & Values

Culture & Community

Here at NZCB, we strive to provide a thriving environment that promotes growth, accountability, and support. 

Our people are motivated and engaged,  and act with professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

Whether you’re looking to join us, already a NZCB member or a homeowner with a query, we want you to have a friendly, efficient and reliable experience with NZCB.