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To build special, you need a specialist. Make your dream home a reality by choosing to build with a NZCB builder.

We believe all Kiwi deserve to work with builders of the highest standard.

Build with us and you’ll be working with more than just your average builder. We strive to promote excellence in building standards. It’s the principle we were founded on and is still our driving force today.

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Choose the best in the business. Our builders have a history of stability and success and a solid reputation for realising homeowners aspirations. Choose one of our highly skilled, qualified builders and it will be your first step towards your dream home.


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If you care like us, join us. Gain access to contracts, certified plans, training opportunities, industry events, and exclusive deals and discounts.


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Join our Apprentice Network to become a NZCB Trainee member. The Apprentice Network is designed to provide unrivalled support to both you and your employer, alongside many other benefits.

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Qualified builders

We're the only builder association in New Zealand with strict entry criteria where the minimum entry requirement for all members is a recognised industry trade qualification in carpentry.



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Build with complete peace of mind.

When you choose an approved NZCB builder you’ll qualify to apply for Halo. A Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee protects you after the building process, and acts as a safety net for your building project. While the vast majority of building projects will run smoothly, sometimes things do go wrong. When issues arise, your Halo Guarantee will be there to protect you for the next 10 years following completion.

It’s peace of mind, guaranteed.

Quality time at home with family.

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For the past six years, we’ve been honoured to showcase the craftsmanship, work ethic, and quality of some of the industry’s best – and 2024 is equally impressive.

NZCB has been supporting qualified builders across the country for more than two decades, helping to set a new standard for the industry and championing the impeccable work of our members. Their remarkable ability to turn their clients’ visions into stunning reality never fails to impress.

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NZCB membership is unique in that it has always required trade qualification as a bare minimum. Our reputation is built on our knowledge, skills and expertise. It’s the principle we were founded on and is still our driving force today.

Helensville | Auckland
Arthurs Point | Otago
Russell | Northland
Raglan | Waikato
Featherston | Wellington
Clyde | Central Otago
Hamner Springs | Canterbury

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Our partners

NZCB thanks all of our partners for their ongoing support.

Our partners

NZCB thanks all of our partners for their ongoing support.