NZCB Apprentice Trust

The NZCB Apprentice Trust is a trust formed to support Apprentices in times of hardship. This trust is kindly supported by regions of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association and various building partners.

How it all started…

In 2002 an Apprentice who was attending his second two week block course in Northland, a distance of 170km from his home town was found living and sleeping in his van for two weeks, while attending his course. Having spent his wages on petrol, he lived on bread and hot drinks provided by the polytechnic. This was not discovered until the end of the block course, but it was recited to a member of New Zealand Certified Builders and the concept of forming a trust to support apprentices began.

Formally the Apprenticeship Scholarship Trust (AST) is now known as the new NZCB Apprentice Trust that supports NZCB Trainee Member apprentices aligned with the NZCB Apprentice Network

With thanks to the trust, Apprentices throughout New Zealand are now able to become qualified trades people with some of the hardship and hurdles made easier.  (The trust is a registered charity, which gratefully receives donations.)

Donations to the NZCB Apprentice Trust can be directly made to: 03-0435-0752957-000

NZCB Apprentice Trust Background:

New Zealand Certified Builders Association wishes to:

  • Promote and provide pathways in industry training
  • Provide scholarships for training
  • Provide a general fund for those in need to undertake training
  • Provide for general advancement of education of apprentices and other persons within the industry


Brian DillonTrustee
Dave WhiteheadTrustee
Mike CraigTrustee
Niamh BarraudTrustee
Garry Nott Trustee

Apply Now (Conditions Apply)

  1. Only NZCB Trainee Member apprentices aligned to the NZCB Apprentice Network are eligible to apply to the NZCB Apprentice Trust.
  2. All grant applications are considered at the absolute discretion of the NZCB Apprentice Trust Trustees.
  3. If applying for financial support under Hardship, applicants must supply evidence of how they have endured hardship.
  4. Grants for power tools and other mechanical tools are not covered as a rule, and by exception at the discretion of the Trustees.
  5. All applications should include complete supporting information as required.
  6. Apprentices who are applying for a grant should have been active in their apprenticeship training for a minimum of 12 months before the date of their applications. The Trustees may consider applications where training has been undertaken in a shorter timeframe in exceptional circumstances only.
  7. Employers are requested to state how they support the apprentice in their training e.g. providing a tool allowance, paid time when attending block training courses, applying for employer training subsidies etc. This information can be supplied in an email or letter from the employer and uploaded to the “supporting documents” section of the application form.
  8. Where further information is requested from the NZCB Apprentice Trust to support an application and this is not provided to the NZCB Apprentice Trust within 30 days of the request then the application may be lapsed and a new application will be required if a further grant is to be applied for.