Classic in Clyde

Just because you’re the new kid on the block, doesn’t mean you have to look that way. This gracious property in Clyde may be young, but it oozes classic charm.

Barbara and her husband, Gus, had been bringing their four children to Central Otago since the kids were small. Today, the couple have enough grandchildren for a football team. They sought a stylish, comfortable home that would allow them to host family while maintaining peace and privacy. “Because we were in the historic precinct, we wanted something that was going to sit well in the old part of town, enhance that old-world feel, and serve as a relaxing place for the family to gather,” says Barbara.

Architect John Blair designed the home in three acts: a 225m2 main house, a 110m2 cottage, and a 60m2 garage. Builder Owen Philip and the Central Blue building team turned those plans into reality, overseeing the restoration of crumbling stone walls and an old stone shed using schist. Meticulous craftsmanship is also showcased with handsome fireplaces inside and outside the house.

Owen’s team created timber trusses, which accentuate the high ceilings inside. Custom timber graces floors, contributing to a feel that is both domestic and sophisticated.

“The home could be beside the beach or where it is now,” says Owen. “With a change in the roof pitch and the verandas, it looks like the old houses they used to build here 100 years ago.”

A grand piano and a pot rack, fashioned from old chains, are just two of the treasures nestled inside. “The space works really well,” says Barbara. “It’s perfect for our lifestyle.

Location: Clyde | Central Otago

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