Contemporary architecture made cleverly affordable

“Make it look more impressive than our budget.” That was the brief Dale and her husband gave to architect Mark Frazerhurst. And according to the Auckland mother-of-two, Mark’s design delivered in spades.

“It’s a really fun, interesting family home,” she says. “It’s not fancy; it’s just clever.”

The builder tasked with bringing the clever design to life was Daniel Strong of Strong Construction. “We wanted to make sure the builder who was quoting the job was also the builder who’d be on site each day,” says Dale. “And that was Dan.”

As Daniel describes it, the home was so detailed that working on it felt less like building and more like a craft. “There were multiple complex architectural aspects to it,” he says. “Nearly everything is custom-made, and all the subcontractors involved did an outstanding job.”

Adding to the home’s bold street appeal was the clever use of Eterpan cladding, cut into a modern design. For Daniel, it was features like this that turned the home into a dynamic street stand-out.

Along with making the most of the budget, it was critical for the house to be able to grow along with the family that calls it home. “We wanted it to be really functional,” says Dale, “something we could live in now, but could also change with us as our needs change.” Here, wise material choices saved the day – with plywood, tiling, and polished concrete floors all adding to the longevity and liveability of the home.

Working with Strong Construction was a real highlight for Dale. “I was on site almost every day, and the team was just awesome,” she says. “Learning about the whole process as it happened was one of the very best parts.”

Location: Meadowbank | Auckland

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