Fantasy fulfilled

What started as a vague notion to build a Scandinavian barn has morphed into a comfortable, modern enclave for Mark and Pip. The couple’s first foray into new construction has exceeded expectations, thanks to builder Shaun Begovich. “I live in paradise,” says Mark. “Not just because of the features of the site and the outlook. We just love our house and it works so perfectly.”

The two-story dwelling is striking, clad in black triclad ply and batten. The inside celebrates light and space with enormous windows and a ceiling stretching to 7.5m. The home’s position takes advantage of panoramic countryside views above Raglan. But the hilltop perch made the build challenging. “We had to work through some pretty rough weather,” says Shaun. “There is a good reason they put a wind farm on that hill.”

While not a certified Passive home, the design, by architect Daniel Friedrich, incorporates elements such as triple-glazed German windows and extra insulation within eight-inch-thick walls. “There are some significant eco-friendly features to the home,” says Mark. “Shaun was really enthusiastic about that.”

The house is a textural feast, with wooden joinery, polished concrete floors in communal living spaces, and floor to ceiling tiles in the master bathroom. A garage and granny flat provide extra storage and living space beyond the 270m² main house. Mark calls it a ‘big, tall hunk of a building,’ and says he wouldn’t change a thing. “It is just a dream to live in. It is a beautiful home.”

Location: Raglan | Waikato

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