Good things come in small packages

Why build a mansion, if you don’t need one? That simple question led to builder and architectural designer Nigel Gattsche’s latest venture: Ōnoke Kōpuha Tiny Homes.

“Housing affordability is a big issue,” explains Nigel. “Getting a deposit on a 200m2, $800,000 home isn’t easy.” Looking for a way to help aspiring first-home owners get onto the property ladder, Nigel developed a keen interest in the tiny-home trend.

“I decided to design and build myself a prototype, to find out whether it would work and appeal to potential buyers,” he says. Turns out, it did both. Once finished, the compact home was quickly bought by Featherston-based Small Time Developments, and is now being used as a show home for a planned community of tiny dwellings.

Building a small home is no small challenge, as Nigel soon discovered. “There’s tiny, then there’s too tiny,” he says. “I wanted to save space, without sacrificing functionality.” That’s why his clever 24m2 design prioritised room for a standard-sized bathroom and fully functional kitchen.

“I wanted as many standard kitchen features as possible, so there’s an oven, fridge, freezer, plenty of cupboard space, and a breakfast bar.”

The home was built using environmentally friendly products, aligning with Nigel’s eco-conscious ethos. The playful twist built into the Colorsteel roof added an interesting and practical touch, providing additional head space in the 10m2 loft sleeping area.

Designed to be picked up and moved in as little as an hour, the home offers a functional and stylish alternative to a traditional, large home. As Nigel says, “Why spend big, when you can go small?”

Location: Featherston | Wellington

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