Small is beautiful

Surprises are artfully tucked inside this black, ultra-modern home overlooking the Waipu River. The sleek, pavilion-style building contains a trove of high-end features. The challenge for builder Justin Molloy of Bungalow & Villa Renovation Specialists Limited was to pack the owner’s vision of a small, high-spec home into 73m2. “It had an architectural charm on the exterior, but the interior was very plain. It was up to us to create some internal vibrancy – some bling.”

That bling includes a Canadian cedar ceiling throughout the lounge and kitchen, and band-sawn, over-height cedar doors. “We had to change the design to incorporate sliding doors throughout the house – pocket doors and cavity sliders. These created a lot more space,” says Justin. “For a small house and a small footprint, it is a really nice home.”

The owner agrees. “Justin came up with great ideas, like tiling throughout the bathroom, and the cedar doors, plus a big deck outside. It is very good. I love it.”

The homeowner struggled to find a builder to take on the design by Ben Lloyd of Lloyd Hartley Architects because the plans required precision craftsmanship. Everything from aluminium joinery to soffits, to the COLORSTEEL® roof, had to fit together perfectly. “Architectural lines, which may not be apparent to a layperson, are everything during the build,” says Justin. “I really like what the architect designed, and the structure is striking.”

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