APL Window Solutions

APL products are exclusively available through our manufacturers nationwide:

At APL Window Solutions, we take huge pride in our 49-year track record of supplying window and door solutions for New Zealand home and building owners. That near half-century of market leadership has been rooted in a dedication to high-quality products backed by exceptional service. But it’s also a reflection of our commitment to innovation and improvement, to always wanting to develop a better-performing window, a more eco-friendly powder coating process, superior ranges of hardware.

The key strand of our DNA is commitment to excellence. As New Zealand’s leading window solutions company, with a nationwide network of almost 80 manufacturers for the Altherm, First and Vantage brands, we have the kind of scale needed to ensure robust and consistent quality control. We own all the major steps in the process, from aluminium extrusion to specialised manufacture to inhouse surface finishing – we even handle delivery, courtesy of a nationwide distribution fleet.

For detailed product information, visit EBOSS.co.nz.