JSC Premium Architectural & Building Solutions

JSC is New Zealand’s premium architectural and building solutions partner, proudly producing exceptional and innovative timber products, materials and finishings that will stand strong today and into the future. As leaders in timber cladding, hardwood decking, interior panelling, timber coatings, thermally modified timber, hardwood flooring, and more, JSC is committed to delivering innovation to build tomorrow.

Their passionate and experienced team are dedicated to delivering quality and excellence at every step of the build journey. With a diverse range of technical expertise and capabilities, JSC’s collaborative, nationwide team is there to ensure the very best outcome for every project.

Experience JSC’s tailored timber weatherboard cladding solutions, combining functionality with exquisite aesthetics for New Zealand homes. Design with nature’s finest.

Hardwood Decking
Explore JSC’s Class 1 & 2 durability hardwood decking options, offering endless design possibilities for residential and commercial projects.

Interior Panelling
Transform spaces with warm, natural timber panelling from JSC, available in various species, profiles, and sizes for creative design.

Thermally Modified Timber
Discover JSC’s innovative Thermally Modified Timber, offering durability, stability, and strong environmental credentials for contemporary New Zealand homes and buildings.

Battens & Screens
Transform spaces with JSC’s versatile timber battens and screens, creating visual depth and striking features for both interiors and exteriors.

JSC’s range of coatings and application technology ensures low-maintenance, high-performance timber cladding, tailored for New Zealand’s architectural styles.