Transform your home in 2024 with these interior and exterior trends

Transform your home in 2024 with these interior and exterior trends

Often a new year starts with a desire to transform or upgrade one’s life, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t also include your home. There are a number of trends forecast for this year, so we’ve rounded them up, along with some insider tips from our NZCB builders.

Continuing the trend of previous years, sustainable and eco-friendly methods continue to be popular in interior design in New Zealand. Some easy ways to get on board with this trend include using recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints.

NZCB Nelson Bays President, Dave Gunter of Coastal Designs Limited, says he’s seeing this trend in New Zealanders’ choice of building materials, too. “We’re seeing more vertical timber or iron cladding choices, instead of the previously popular brick veneer.”

He says roofs are also now predominantly metal, rather than tile and that overheight ceilings have also made a comeback as people seek more light and spacious feelings in their homes.

You could also incorporate these natural elements inside your home, such as wood and stone, or indoor plants, which creates a more relaxing and calming atmosphere. The use of natural materials like rattan, jute, and bamboo is on the rise too, contributing to a warm and cosy ambiance.

The past decade has also seen a huge resurgence of vintage, or retro, mid-20th Century designs. The ongoing popularity of this trend is largely due to the timeless nature of such pieces, however be sure to mix them with contemporary items so your home doesn’t resemble a museum! And, as trends shift away from minimalism towards maximalism, now is your opportunity to add more eclectic or ornate designs in your home. Consider including the use of vibrant patterns, textured fabrics, or unique furniture pieces.

Colour palettes are returning to rich, earthy tones, often combined with bold accents. Our beautiful natural environment has always been a significant inspiration in New Zealand, so this trend is especially fitting.

Image - Resene Paints Limited

In local bathrooms, we’re seeing a number of clear trends. Dan Gallagher, of Gallagher Trade Building Limited and former Mid & South-Canterbury President, says black tapware is no longer popular, with many moving onto brass or brushed metal options.

“I’ve also noticed increased use of vertical heated towel rails and having the bath and shower combined in a wet floor area, behind a glass screen,” Dan says.

Dave Gunter agrees, saying 80 per cent of showers are now tiled. “We’re also not seeing so many baths anymore, and those that do put them in are most often for resale purposes,” he says.

Image - Open2View

As people continue to regularly work from home, versatile spaces with flexibility to serve multiple functions (for example, home office and guest room) continue to be a solid choice. We also recommend integrating smart home technology into your design, such as security systems, smart lighting (interior and exterior) or thermostats.

Regardless of which changes you decide to embrace this year, Dave says investing in the essentials is always on trend. “A lot more people are now more aware of the benefits of insulation, so we’ve seen enquiries about insulation increase. Once people understand the benefits, they are generally happy to invest in insulation and ventilation rather than, perhaps, an expensive kitchen.”

Before you commit to any changes, we recommend a couple of things. Firstly, ensure that you fully investigate your local council bylaws and requirements, as it may be that some of your desired upgrades will require consent. Secondly, we recommend staying connected to a local, New Zealand community of interior designers, architects, and stylists. Pinterest, Instagram and other design-focused websites will make it easy for you to stay informed about specific interior design trends which are emerging and evolving in New Zealand throughout this year.

Happy New Year and happy renovating!

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