Character Building Limited

Gisborne, Wairoa

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My husband and I had never built a house, so we had no idea what it was going be like. We really were just winging it the whole time and therefore didn't really have any preconceived notions. From the beginning however, we realized how important Character Building was in driving this whole project. Their attention to detail, meticulous workmanship and craftsmanship is what drove all the other parts of the project to create such an amazing home at the end of the day. We liked the way in which Phil and his Character Building team, basically built this house as if it were their own house. There were no corners cut and we feel like they went almost above and beyond what anyone might normally do. They didn't stop when a certain part of the project was finished, they made sure if it could be better than it was. Because of that, we have amazing features in our home that are efficient, stylish, beautiful and well-constructed. Having lived through the build, which was all new to us, we think in retrospect, there were many opportunities for things to go hay wire, but they never did. It maybe, that they possibly did, and we didn’t know, as Phill and his team solved all the problems without really troubling us. And that is a testament to Phill for being so onto it, proactive and clever with solving all the building problems. With not having built a house before and only having a vague idea of what we wanted the house to be like, we had no idea of the realities or the challenges that come with using a specific style or using a certain design element. Some of the real benefits of with working with Phill is that he and his team would take our sometimes-crazy ideas inspired from either magazines, online and Pintrest or wherever else, and find a way to use that inspiration and then shape those ideas into reality in a functional and cost-effective way. Phill was incredibly responsive to all our one and a half million questions, concerns and new ideas. We regularly started texts or conversations with “We’ve had a thought” … and we would communicate a lot throughout the day. Forever recasting the project based on new ideas and new developments, it was an ever evolving project. I think when we look back to the plans in November when we started and laid the foundation that all stayed the same, however the character of the home totally changed over the course of the following 11 months. How we recommend Phill and his team at Character Building to our friends and colleagues, is, “We rave about his attention to detail”. We rave about how he doesn't really stop until a job is completed when possibly your average builder may stop before the job's done. Phill looks at it and says, “I'm still not quite happy - let me figure out a way to make it better”. We think it's a real credit to Phill's workmanship and work ethic that he has built a team around him that share the same work ethic. All the sub trades; plumbers, concrete grinders, roofers and everybody else all had such a devotion to this project. Especially his team who were here every day for weeks and weeks. They were so pleasant and positive, and we were the type of family that couldn't stop from turning up just because we were so excited about it. We wanted to come out practically every day especially towards the end when things were really cranking up. One of Phills most defining qualities was his desire to make the absolute best home he could rather than a perfectly good home and this was confirmed by the amount of times I discovered him thinking about the extra stuff he could do to make it better which was just overwhelming. I'm so grateful for that. And we're just in love with all of it. It’s so awesome!
We were looking around for an existing home and couldn't find one. We spoke to a local real estate agent who recommended Phill and he actually showed us a plan for this property. Gisborne being the size it is, I did ask a lot of people including those in the building industry, when we were looking at doing the build and they all said, if we were going to be building with Phill there wouldn't be any problems. I had fairly high expectations because we'd looked around extensively at a number of properties Phill had built and we’d seen the attention he paid to detail. So, whilst we expected it to be good, our expectations were exceeded. The whole project went really smoothly. I've been involved with many builds through the bank and seen a lot of issues, however we did not strike any of those issues at all. The biggest benefit I felt for me working with Phil, was he was as passionate about this property as we were, and that was really important. Before he started, he spent a whole weekend looking at the plans and looking at changes and things that he would have done if it was his property. As a result, I felt he was really committed to the build. I found it really easy to communicate with Phill and if there were changes required, we would talk them through, and he would make suggestions enabling the whole process to run smoothly. I'm really happy with what we've got here and doing it with Phill. Happy enough that I'd like to do it all again! We are wrapped it went so smoothly and Phill was absolutely brilliant. I have already recommended Phill to some of my staff, and a couple of my customers. I think the big thing we found was that the project came in right on budget - not $1 more or $1 less. That's huge in today’s market. I'm recommending to people all the time and the first question people ask is “Who was your builder and was the build a nightmare?” I say, there were no surprises and it was pretty plain sailing. It was a pleasure to work with Phill.
Derek & Glenda
I was recommended to Phill by my architect and when Phill put his presentation to me, I was impressed. I had no hesitation going with him and he, along with his whole team were great. I felt really comfortable with Phill. I have had experience of building with a partner before and it was very stressful and building by myself this time I thought it would also be stressful. But, no Phill took all that stress out of it, it was actually fun and I enjoyed it. If I had any queries, Phill would give me advice because obviously not being a builder myself, I did need lots of advice. He made suggestions along the way – it was awesome. The benefit of working with Character Building was, they are very personable and nothing was ever problem. If there were any changes, they would let me know ahead of time and they gave me confidence in knowing what they were doing. I'm more than happy and love my home... the whole experience has just been fun. No stress, and I loved every minute of it. Would I recommend Character Building to others? I definitely would!